The Space Between the Stars by Ann Corlett {Book Review}

The Space Between the Stars is set in what is left of a post-apocalyptic universe.
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I was all set up to adore this book because I am a complete sucker for a post-apocalyptic story. In Ann Corlett's The Space Between the Stars, humanity has moved out into the universe, but a virus reduces the universe's population to just a few survivors on each inhabited planet. 

But where this novel lost me was all the other stuff. Our protagonist, Jamie, is extraordinarily petty in the face of the near-destruction of humanity. Entire passages are spent in what feels like an emotional/psychological check ins with all the characters, whether major or minor.

What I did love was the sweeping adventure of the story and the portions that focused on the state of the world when its population is decimated. It is always interesting to see how people would cope and cobble together a new world. 

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