Five Fun and Frugal Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween parties are so fun to plan - there are just too many ideas out there for food, decorations, and favors and nobody wants to break the bank. Here are a few tips that have helped me in the past to create a DIY Halloween party that is both fun and frugal. Let me know if you have more to add in the comments!

1. Novelty Food Is Mandatory

Puking Pumpkin

Halloween Ghost Brownies

Last year, I made both the ghost brownies and the puking pumpkin shown here. Both were huge hits at the party and a lovely topic of conversation.

Guest: "What is that? Who on Earth made the puking pumpkin!!??"
Me: "That would be me."
Guest: "OMG, it's perfect."
Me: "Thank you!"
Guest: "Oh, and this guac is good, too."

Here's the only problem. How can I top these this year? Help me out in the comments if you have any ideas!

2. Get the Buffet Ready for Success

Halloween Buffet Decorations

It will be so much easier when guests arrive if they have a place to put the potluck contribution. Head over to your local fabric store (I picked up some black and white Chevron fabric from Joann's), then stitch-witch the hem, and you have yourself a cute runner. This can all be set up well before the party and will save tons of time when guests arrive.

3. Halloween Party Favors Can be Cheap, Cute, and Candy-Free, Too

Halloween Party Favors Without Candy

There are four million Halloween party favor ideas on Pinterest, but this is a cute, cheap, and practical one I found at Embellishing Life. I bought the bags on Jane, the glow bracelets at the Dollar Store, and printed the tags at home. Kids are going to get so much candy, so this idea was very appealing!

4. Burlap and Tulle Go Along Way for a Little Cash

Halloween Party Centerpieces

Halloween Party Centerpieces

I covered the tables in burlap and wrapped some glittery pumpkins in tulle. I placed them on some spider webs from the Dollar Store. Add some more tulle around the chairs with bows and bam! Tables were done. Simple and cute!

5. Evite is Your Friend for a Potluck - Use the "What to Bring" Option

Evite What to Bring

Evite makes inviting friends a quick and easy, we all know that, but did you know you can use it to allow people to sign up for potluck items? It's a bit tricky because the option to add the "What to Bring" widget to your evite invitation only shows up AFTER you publish it. That option will not show in the draft.

Once you publish, you'll see this:

Click on that widget and you'll be able to make a list of what you'd like guests to bring and they can sign up for a category of item and leave a note of exactly what they'll provide for the potluck.

Make sure you include a note in your Message for the invitation so people know to look for the widget and sign up!

What are your favorite Halloween party ideas?

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