This Week's Meal Plan {March 24 - 30}

This is a judgment free zone, right? Okay, because I only made dinner two nights last week.  Whooops. Things just got a little nuts around here. The old me would have run herself ragged trying to make the dinner plan happen. The new me decided we should support my daughter's school and go out for their fundraiser instead of cooking.

The new me also decided that there's no point in cooking for two of us, when the other two were going to a dinner time birthday party, right? So, there are two recipes brought forward from last week, since most of the items for them were still in good shape!


Chicken and Swiss Chard Pasta Bake {The Kitchn} - I used the leftover chicken from the Engagement Roast Chicken (made on Sunday instead of Saturday) since I didn't trust the Rotisserie Chicken I bought a week ago. [Updated to add - this was good, but sorta dry. Might need some chicken stock?]
Green Salad
Garlic Bread




Asian Style Dumpling Soup {America's Test Kitchen via Refinery 29} - another holdover from last week.


Green Chickpea and Chicken Curry with Swiss Chard {Crepes of Wrath} - I have two bunches of chard to still use up and this recipe jumped out at me on Pinterest.
Brown Rice




Tortellini Soup with Beans and Chard {Annie's Eats} - the last of the chard better go with this one!


Eat Out!

Star of Last Week

Since I only made two meals last week, this was not a hard decision. It was definitely the Engagement Roast Chicken and Roasted Ranch Potatoes and Carrots.  That Ina knows her stuff, I am telling you. A roast chicken is such a treat, but so darn easy.  Give this recipe a try!

And just because it was super fun, here's the Lucky Charms Ice Box Cake we made on St. Patrick's Day, which was crazy yummy and cute, too.

Here's the site I use for meal planning and creating grocery lists:

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

 I'm linking up to Menu Plan Monday!

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