Twitterature {February 2014}

You know, I'm always looking for the bright side of things.  This month, my kids were sick, sick, sick.  It felt like someone always had a fever.  So what on earth could be the bright side of that?  I spent a great deal of time cuddling with little sleeping people, so got a great deal of reading done. 

This month was pretty full of fluff, but that seemed like a good way to start a new year.  And thanks to my late adoption of audio books (a post on that is coming!), I was able to really plow through some books over the last month. 

I'm linking up to Twitterature with Modern Mrs. Darcy, so go check out more posts and find some great books.

Remember Me?, Sophie Kinsella

Was recommended when I asked for suggestions on the Plan to Happy facebook page after reading The Book Thief and looking for something light and fun.  It hit the spot. I'm not a huge fan of the Shopaholic series, but have loved all the other books by Sophie Kinsella.

The Journey (Guardians of the Ga'Hoole, #2), Kathryn Lasky

I liked this one even better than the first in this series.

The Rescue (Guardians of Ga'Hoole, #3), Kathryn Lasky

I think this might be the best one of the bunch!  Be prepared for the March edition of Twitterature to be full of the Owls of Ga'Hoole.

Escape from Camp 14, Blaine Harden

I listened to this book over the course of two or three days and found it fascinating.  It tells the story of one man's escape from a labor camp - he is the only person known to have escaped and made it to the West from that camp.  At it's core, this book is shocking. I can't help but wonder how much longer the world can let this go on.

Matched, Ally Condie

I have to say a world where everyone decided we had too much information and therefore limited access to it can sound good on a day when my phone is blowing up! I love a good YA dystopian novel and this one had a cute love story to boot.

The Fault in Our Stars, John Green

I'm only two years behind everyone else. Hey, better late than never - this one met all my expectations even with all that hype out there!

Wildwood (The Wildwood Chronicles Book #1), Colin Meloy

Sometimes the reasons I choose a book are not very exciting - this was the first one I ran across on Overdrive that was immediately available from my library. These YA novels are nice and light - perfect for listening. And the story here really grabbed me,

Allegiant (Divergent Series #3), Veronica Roth

I had to find a plot summary for Insurgent to try to remember where we were in the story.  I gotta say I didn't love the dual narrators, but the story still grabbed me.

The Siege (Guardians of Ga'hoole, Book 4), Kathryn Lasky

I'm powering through this series. Only 11 more to go! #thisisgoingtotakeforever

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  1. Sophie Kinsella (something, anything) is on my 2014 reading list, which is something I never thought I'd say. And I'm reading Wildwood right now--glad to hear you liked the story!

  2. Start with Undomestic Goddess. That's my favorite Sophi Kinsella novel!


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