Living Social Deal on Young Scientist Club Subscription Box

You know, every time I think I have seen every single subscription box out there, another one comes along.  This one has a perfect theme for my little ones - science experiments.  This time it was the Young Scientist Club from the Magic School Bus.  My five-year old asks me 4,567,892 questions a day, so she will love to do a hands on activity that answer some burning question.  I gotta say the picture above didn't grab me.  We aren't into The Magic School Bus show and it mostly looks like (a) one big choking hazard and (b) more tiny objects that I will find scattered throughout my home.

But the description of the kits got me hooked.  They cover all the types of things my kids are fascinated with: rainbows, volcanoes, the stars and planets, the human body, magnets, and more.  And while I am impressed that the kits were designed by Harvard graduates, I am even more impressed that they have been tested out by kids.  The site assures us that a 5 year old will need more supervision than a 12 year old would, but they will still be able to do the experiments and understand the science.  I'll be the the judge of that (and I'll let you know!)

Check it out if you are interested because today is the last day for a 50 percent off deal over at Living Social.  I'll share my thoughts when I receive it and give it a try.  I am really hoping it doesn't turn out to be one of those things that sounds great as an idea, but in practice is a disaster of epic proportions.  Mothers of young children know what I am talking about!

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